Tuesday, 11 June 2013

More restrictions on our freedom and rights to free speech.

It's not the US this time but our neighbours in Eíre that are restricting our freedoms by trying to legislate to allow the Irish Government to shut down mobile phone transmissions if they fear a terrorist threat. They want President Higgins to sign the bill into law before the commencement of the G8 conference in County Fermanagh next week. 

The question is why would Eíre want to pass legislation to control activities outside its own territorial boundaries; County Fermanagh is at present anyway in the North of Ireland and the Republic have no jurisdiction. This however begs the question of whether the UK Security services have powers to shut down mobile phone transmissions in the UK and whether it is they that have requested the Irish authorities to seek this legislation to supplement the UK's security operations.

Whatever the reasons, if President Higgins sign the bill into law it will be another nail in the coffin of privacy and free speech.

Perhaps this is another investigation the HoC Intelligence and Security Committee could look into.

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Anonymous said...

The Irish legislation was designed to prevent an Atocha (the Madrid train bombs which used mobile phones as triggers) happening on the DART around Dublin. I cannot see any logic on how the provision to shut down mobile phone communications as a preventative measure would apply to the G8 in Fermanagh, other than to stop peaceful protesters tweeting or sending vid clips.