Monday, 24 June 2013

Plaid Cymru calls on Council to restrict access to Pay-day loan websites from public access computers.

Press Release

Plaid Cymru calls on Council to restrict access to Payday loan websites from Public access computers.

Plaid Cymru's  Wrecsam Councillor,  Arfon Jones has written to the Leader and Chief Executive of Wrecsam Council asking them to restrict access to the hundred and more payday loan companies from Wrecsam Council's public computers

Councillor Jones said, "The Payday loan industry has fallen foul of the Office of Fair Trading for unfair practises, exploitation and high interest rate. They exploit vulnerable people which is unacceptable and unethical. Council's have a responsibility to the public they represent and we should do what we can to prevent these companies exploiting the public. We should block access on our computers and re-direct enquirers to websites like the North Wales Credit Union."

He went on to say, "I wrote to Neil Rogers and Helen Paterson last week and I very much hope to receive a positive response from them soon."

Plaid Cymru's prospective Parliamentary candidate for Wrecsam, Carrie Harper said, "I don't understand why the Westminster Government don't cap the total cost of loans, it is irresponsible to allow these unethical companies to charge what they like. There 's a weight of evidence to support regulation of the consumer credit market and if Westminster won't do it we should demand that the power is devolved to Wales so that we can regulate and protect our communities."

Notes for Editors

Councillor Arfon Jones 01978 755048 /07800545716.

Letter to Neil Rogers:


Could I ask that Lead Members and SLT consider my request to block Payday loan websites on Wrexham CBC public computer system. The reason is simply that the OFT, Which, CAB and other consumer organisations have raised concerns over these companies working practises in that they are exploitative of the poor an vulnerable and charge exorbitant interest rates. Can I suggest that when one searches for one of the 140 odd websites that our system is programmed to re-direct to the North Wales Credit Union website.

If we can reduce the use of payday loans in Wrecsam we increase disposable income which hopefully will be spent locally, this is a win win situation. 

Arfon Jones

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