Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Press give politicians an easy ride!

On the 17th June 2013, I sent this letter to the Daily Post and the Leader, but to date they haven't published it. The question is why not? Do we not deserve to know where our elected representatives stand on an important issue of regional benefit which if introduced will make thousands of people in Wrecsam alone, poorer?

Dear Editor,

The 'de facto' leader of the opposition Ed Balls has suggested that we should have regional benefits in the UK, where those living in London and the South East should have more benefits than those living in the rest of the country. Some MP's like Newcastle's, Nick Brown has immediately opposed this realising the damage it would cause his constituents in the North East.

Unsurprisingly North East Wales's New Labour loyalist MP's have remained surprisingly quiet on the matter.

Perhaps you would allow me to publicly challenge whether Ian Lucas, Susan Elan Jones, Mark Tami and David Hanson  support Ed Balls proposal for Regional benefits?

A straight answer would be appreciated.

Councillor Arfon Jones
Plaid Cymru
Wrecsam Council

Ian Lucas MP for one had plenty to say about this when David Cameron broached the subject back in 2012, but has gone a rather quiet since his Labour colleague Ed Balls mentioned the same thing last week,. It seems that this is another Tory policy that Ed Balls and Labour seem intent on enthusiastically implementing.

This was an ideal opportunity for the Post and Leader to hold our politicians to account but unfortunately it was an opportunity lost.

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