Monday, 10 June 2013

UPDATED: Trinity Mirror's Welsh dailies continue to slide

The relentless decline of Trinity Mirror's daily papers in Wales continues unabated. Worst hit was the group's lamentable Wales on Sunday, which now sells just 20,000 a week.
It's three daily papers now sell just 78,000 between them, with more and more copy being shared between them and their weekly counterparts within the group.
Western Mail 23,717  -3.3pc
North Wales Daily Post 28,235   -7.0pc
South Wales Echo  26,630  -11.6pc
Wales on Sunday  20,097  -12.0pc

UPDATE AND CORRECTION: The UK Press Gazette reports that the Western Mail has, in fact, increased its circulation by 3.3% to 23,717. Even so, it's hardly something to shout from the rooftops.


Anonymous said...

Western Mail should be the seize of the New York Times and sell 800,000 copies. Why do people buy English newspapers that tell them nothing about Wales? Sadly TMs offerings are pretty poor.

Welsh not British said...

I would suspect that this "growth" of about 500 copies since 2011 is due to the fact they give free copies away in Swansea on Wednesday and Thursday each week. Also let's not forget that the population has also increased since then.

This is what happens when you HATE your target audience.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Western Mail has been handing out free copies in the Swansea area to try and drum up interest - this may explain the sight increase in circulation.

On a wider point it is no surprise that newspapers that actively alienate what should be their core readership should suffer steady decline in sales. Britnats will probably buy one of the London rags and watch UK tv news outlets. The natural audience for the 'Welsh' newspapers are people who have an interest in the distinciveness of Welsh politics, economics and identity - people who are on the spectrum between pro-devolution and pro independence. While the Trinity Mirror are happy to promote the trivial and convivial aspects of Welsh life (Rugby, Charlotte Church, Zeta-Jones and Welshcakes)they are frequently hostile to even modest increases in autonomy, apparently hostile towards the language, and frequently ignore stories that would be of interest to many in our country if it could be seen as inflaming nationalist sentiment!

As far as I am concerned they can keep digging their own grave. In time I hope we will see the emergence of a news outlet with an authentically Welsh voice. It would be nice to see some investigative journalists take on the vested interests in Welsh politics and start asking tough questions of the gangsters in London and Cardiff. It would make a change from reading cut and paste press releases from the Taxpayers' Alliance.

MH said...

As others have mentioned, the figures are now boosted by the number of copies given away for free. According to the ABC data, here, the 23,717 average daily circulation figure includes 1,989 free pickup copies (over 5,700 are distributed in Swansea on Thursdays and Fridays). The average paid-for circulation figure is 21,728.

In 2011 the average paid-for circulation was 25,898.

Anonymous said...

I find the Western Mail touch and go. It's the only place I can get alot of Welsh political news, so I read it online. I think it would be a tragedy if it disappeared for good, and i'm not convinced anyone would fill the gap.