Sunday, 7 July 2013

John Bufton goes bandit.

UKIP's Welsh MEP John Bufton has publicly disagreed with his leader Nigel Farage on future UKIP policy on the Assembly and Devolution. Bufton states he is totally committed to abolishing the Assembly and opposing more devolution, whilst Nigel Farage, somewhat surprisingly has said that he is now comfortable with devolution and a federal UK. Mr Bufton has even gone as far as to suggest the need for a new anti-devolution party as he believes that a pro devolution UKIP is no different from the Tories.

It will be interesting to see who UKIP select to replace John Bufton to top the list for next year's European elections and whether that person will back Bufton's stance on devolution or Farage's and whether Bufton will form a new party. Whatever they decide upon it could well split the anti European vote three-ways.

This is good news indeed for the pro European parties in Wales.


Anonymous said...

I'm shocked. But public decency will be maintained if Sir Bufton has no aspiration to go commando.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Buffers could be more trouble outside the tent pissing in than inside pissing out.

Anonymous said...

Bufton has a German mother. Is his 'Britishness'an attempt to compensate?