Monday, 15 July 2013

Labour concedes defeat in by-election

Hats off to Martin Shipton for a cracking scoop in today's Western Mail...

He quotes a Labour source as conceding defeat in the vital Ynys Mon by-election a full fortnight before polling day. Devastating news for the candidate Taliesyn Michael, who sports a name far too exotic for some followers of Aneurin Bevan and the Abse-minded.

Here's that damning quote:

 A Labour source said: “Plaid are getting rather ahead of themselves. Rhun is likely to win the by-election, but talk of him as a future leader is very premature."


MH said...

Apparently, it's Taliesin. But because most people in Wales won't even be able to pronounce it, I suppose it doesn't matter how he spells it.

Anonymous said...

sorry, don't believe this. Labour are saying this for two reasons:

1. To make Plaid complacent.

2. Damage limitation but also to make any Labour gain seem an absolute miracle and sea change.

Labour are a big threat, they're going for the anti-Welshie (that is people who are 'too Welsh' and insist on speaking Welsh whenever they can in Mon rather than being 'reasonable'). There's a big 'anti-Welshie' vote in Mon, possibly bigger than the 'Welshie' vote.

That's what the whole 'Rhun ap unpronouncablename' dog whistling is all about.

Don't believe Labour's propaganda.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the author was writing tongue in cheek after Shipton's attempts to undermine Plaid's leader by promoting two posssible rivals for the leadership. The Wasting Mule is becoming rather desperate and one suspects that Shipton is looking to escape by sucking up to his Labour friends. From experience he knows that's one way to get a decent job in the quango sector or, even better, a safe seat.

Plaid Whitegate said...

@Anon If I were going to try the dog whistle politics on Ynys Môn, I wouldn't bother with the Western Mail. On the rare occasions when it is available in the North, its readership is almost exclusively Plaid supporters.

Judging from the numbers turning out daily to canvass for Plaid, there is no complacency. The chief exec is leading by example on this because we're all well aware of Ynys Môn's importance both to us and Labour.

Anonymous said...

In reality Ynys Mon is a Labour target. With their Welsh and UK polling ratings, they should be continuing to take seats off Plaid. They are spending huge amounts of money to do this on Mon.

They aren't conceding anything. WM is barely read on Mon. Cardiff is the target of that Labour message, so that if Tal Michael sneaks it, in Cardiff circles it will be portrayed as an absolute miracle.

We can prevent that, if we work as hard as possible and take nothing for granted. I think we (Plaid) will win but it's going to be close, even with Rhun as candidate.