Sunday, 28 July 2013

Plaid Cymru Councillor calls for a halt to the gravy train.


Gwersyllt West Plaid Cymru Councillor, Arfon Jones has called on the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales to show restraint in how much allowances it allows Councillors to claim. 

Councillor Jones said, 
Some Councillors are paid over £8000 a year to chair committees that only meet 4 times a year, that is £2000 a meeting and it is totally unjustified and it should be stopped. When I raised this at Wrecsam's Audit Committee recently the Chair told me the Independent Remuneration Panel had told him he had to claim it. The Remuneration Panel needs to get real and need to stop paying senior salaries to Councillors for chairing so few meetings. I would be embarrassed to accept the allowance for doing so little work

Councillor Jones went on to say,
To put things into perspective, Wrecsam Council want to close Community Centres that cost less than £10,000 a year to run and here we are wasting public money paying a salary to these committee chairs for so little work. This will rightly be seen by the public as a political gravy train and sends out the wrong message that we are not in this together; that is not right and has to change.

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Anonymous said...

Clywch Clywch !! Mae Arfon Jones yn llygad ei le. Mae hyn yn warthus ac mae angen siarad i fyny, sefyll i fyny a newid pethau. Go dda Arfon Jones. Daliwch Ati !!!