Sunday, 14 July 2013

QR Codes.

This is just me playing with what is technologically available! Thought the use of QR Codes is an easy way to store information on Smartphone or Tablet.

Any use?


Anonymous said...

Personally I think you're wasting the QR code just by having your details on it.

You'd be better off linking it to a page with your details on. You can add the codes to party pamphlets and so on.

If you use the website you can create bundles of links that can be reused over and over or edited so the QR code you attach to them can be used again and again. Very useful for print as you can reuse these or buy stickers with your QR codes on.

You don't have to have boring black on white blocky QR codes either. If you look at this site you can create great looking codes with custome colours and logos. You could have your poppy in the middle with the plaid colours for the code.

Whether people would use them or not is another matter but if nothing else you'd be the coolest councillor around.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Thanks for your advice and comment