Thursday, 29 August 2013

Brymbo housing déja vu

Plans to build a further 150 homes on Brymbo will be discussed by Wrecsam’s planning committee on September 2nd. For many of us, it will be a re-run of December 2010’s planning committee, which saw Brymbo Developments Ltd’s plans for 150 houses thrown out on the grounds of over-development.
BDL appealed the decision - and lost.

Despite that, BDL has now come back with a new scheme that is essentially identical to the last one – it argues that it needs the additional 150 homes to be able to pay for the spine road it promised back in 1998. This road is vital to link Tanyfron, the new estates and Brymbo and should have been a pre-condition of any of the developments on the old Brymbo steelworks site.

Why should this scheme succeed on September 2nd when if failed nearly three years ago? For one simple reason – back then there was a clear argument made by Plaid Cymru councillors on the planning committee against over-development. Who will make that case now?

At least Brymbo Community Council have had a change of heart - they're now wholeheartedly against the development and make the same arguments as we made three years ago.

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John Wilkinson's Ghost said...

Luckily residents have been kept informed enough this time to register their anger - with well over 100 objections raised. BDL couldn't drum up an equal number in favour despite someone (not exactly clear who) running an event at the Brymbo Enterprise Centre asking specifically for support.

In the meantime the Evening Leader has run a slightly ridiculous item in which our AM gives his support to a "fascinating" regeneration plan which turns out to be the same old (over) development now dressed up as some kind of heritage thing. ..or at least that's how the article makes it sound.