Thursday, 15 August 2013

Let's Make a Difference to Health in North Wales.

Press Release by the North Wales Community Health Council.

The organisation that represents patients’ rights in North Wales has several vacancies and is seeking additional members.
The North Wales Community Health Council (CHC) is looking for more members to strengthen the voice of local people in influencing patient care in North Wales.

The CHC is the public’s independent ‘watchdog’ in the National Health Service in North Wales. Our CHC members represent the public interest and play an important role in influencing the way that health services are planned, delivered and improved.

CHC members are local people who act as the eyes and ears of patients and the public, listening to their concerns and working with the health service to improve the quality of patient care.

An additional 12 new members are needed across the six counties in North Wales to help the CHC continue to deliver its vital service to the community.
We are looking for people from all walks of life and from all age groups - the most important requirement is a genuine interest in improving health services for your community.  Some key skills which would be useful include: an understanding of local health issues; being able to work in a team and with a diverse range of people
We particularly welcome and encourage applications from under-represented groups including women, minority ethnic and disabled people.
If you have a genuine interest in health services and would you like to make a positive difference then you can help by joining the Community Health Council team in North Wales. 
For further information please contact us on:
( 01248 679 284 or 01978 35 6178  or
*  or visit our website on

It hasn't worked well in the past but let's make sure it works well in the future.

Spread the word.

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