Friday, 16 August 2013

Premier Inn yn gwrthod defnyddio y Gymraeg.

Ar hyn o bryd mae Premier Inn yn adeiladu gwesty newydd yn Wrecsam a gofynnais i reolwraig ganol tref Wrecsam i gadarnhau bydd arwyddion a phopeth yn y gwesty yn ddwyieithog.

Dyma'r ateb a dderbynies:

I met with the new Operational Manager at the Premier Inn (former Jacques Yard site) yesterday. Having previously contacted Whitbread (the owners of Premier Inn) regarding the use of bi-lingual signs, I followed up the question with Robert Cooke who will be managing the opening of the site and will be there for the first year.
His response was that while he had also questioned the decision, Whitbread as a company had decided that the majority of their guests would not be Welsh speaking but from further afield. This decision was based upon their knowledge of the market-place and their customer base, the border nature of Wrexham as a town and the percentage of the population speaking Welsh as a first language. Premier Inns in the west of Wales have bilingual signs. He also pointed out that most of the signs are purely directional with use of symbols and arrows rather than words as this is better for other first language visitors.
The staff at Premier Inn will all wear name badges and those badges incorporate flags for the languages that the wearer speaks (he has one member of staff with five different flags on their name badge, for example).
The decision is made from a business perspective bearing in  mind the needs of their customers.
Ymateb cwbl annerbyniol ac annigonol.

Mwy i ddilyn.

DIWEDDARIAD: This from Premier Inn on FB :
Hello everyone, thanks for your comments and just a quick update to let you know we are having dual signage at our Wrexham hotel when it opens soon. Have a great evening!

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Gobeithio bydd modd gwylio S4C ar y setiau teledu, neu fyddan nhw'n dewis cael signal o Loegr i fynd gyda'u gwerthoedd gwrth-Gymraeg?