Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Another big U-turn by Labour in Wrecsam.

Prior to the Council elections in May 2012, Labour in Wrecsam put out this spend, spend, spend leaflet 

One of their promises was to promote Wrecsam as a place to shop etc. The previous administration had in fact reduced car park charges with the exact same aim to promote the town which was supported by Labour members of the authority.

Following his appointment as Leader, Councillor Neil Rogers was quoted in an article in the Leader newspaper as saying:
“We want to start having dialogue about the situation concerning car parks. It is high on my agenda... 
“We fought against the plans that the last administration had for new parking charges. We now want to see what we can do to make things as attractive for shoppers and residents as possible, with car parking very important in relation to that.” 
“It is important the businesses of this town are given the chance to prosper,” he said. “We value the service they are providing for the town and are keen to help them in any way we can. 

“Town centres are struggling across the length and breadth of Britain and we have to find ways we can help Wrexham town centre prosper. 

“We need to work together to find the best way forward regarding car parking.

Less than 18 months later, Neil Rogers's administration bring a report to Wrecsam's Executive Board proposing a number of parking INCREASES in the town. When Independent Councillor and local businessman, Bill Baldwin challenged the Leader's U-turn by reading out the above article, Councillor Rogers replied that he didn't realise in May 2012, how deep the cuts were going to be. That was met by gasps of disbelief and heckles at his disingenuous explanation.

They have no shame!

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