Friday, 11 October 2013

Caia Community Council rejects cuts agenda

If Wrecsam Council was hoping to offload its financial woes onto Caia Park tonight, it failed. The county had wanted community councils throughout the borough to take financial responsibility for community services.
Tonight Caia Park Community Council - in a show of unity - agreed to defer any decision about taking on basic community facilities such as community centres, play areas and school crossing patrols until the county council supplied more accurate financial information about the real cost.

It was telling that even Labour's own finance lead member, Malcolm King, concurred that the figures given to the community council weren't accurate after new information was received today. 

This contrasted with Cllr Brian Cameron's earlier attempt at political point scoring, in which he claimed the council had been given all the necessary information. 

 There was also a general consensus that people in Caia should not have to shoulder the additional burden through higher Council Tax to pay for services they already get. Times are already very difficult with rising bills and pay not keeping up with inflation.

 The most positive aspect of the meeting was that councillors should knock on as many doors as possible to get the views of residents in their wards on the proposals.

If you have a view on whether the community council should pay to keep Pentre Gwyn and Kingsley Circle Community Centres, 10 play areas dotted around the community and the three school crossing patrols on Holt Road and outside Gwenfro and Hafod y Wern schools - let me know on marcvjones [a]

 The county council is saying that, unless the community council pays, it could close these services in April 2014. Plaid Cymru councillors in Caia tonight challenged that view, saying any cuts should first take place in senior council management rather than frontline services.

So have your say and make sure the Guildhall is listening.


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