Monday, 28 October 2013

Free Wi-Fi for Cardiff City Centre

It's great news for Cardiff that they have succeeded in obtaining funding to deliver high quality Wi-Fi across the city centre from the Super Connected Cities Project. The areas that will be covered will be tourist areas and the St David's Shopping Centre:

Cardiff County Council is to introduce free Wi-Fi across the city centre next month, as part of the Super Connected Cities Project.The partnership between the council and BT Wholesale will see wireless technology installed on the city’s lamp posts and other street furniture.
Cardiff’s cabinet member for finance & economic development, Russell Goodway, said: “‘hese wireless technologies will add to the huge investment in fibre broadband that BT has already made across Cardiff and give the city a real competitive edge when it comes to attracting new visitors and businesses.
‘This will also significantly improve the speed, reach, strength and reliability of 3G and 4G mobile services that is offered to mobile and smart device users.’
The WiFi service will initially cover the busiest areas for tourism, commerce and leisure, before being extended to the Cardiff Bay area in 2014. 
Plaid Cymru in Wrecsam did raise the need for free Wi Fi in the town back in June 2012, but the suggestion seemed to have been quietly shelved as nothing has been heard of the of it for quite some time.

One of the council's strategic aim in the 'Plan' is the economy and to "create a vibrant, diverse and inclusive economy;' and I'm not sure how poor connectivity will help us to achieve this aim. This is something that needs re-visiting as a matter of urgency.

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