Monday, 14 October 2013

Plaid Cymru calls on council to 'flatten the pyramid'

 Plaid Cymru Councillor Arfon Jones has called on Wrecsam Council to address the top-heavy management structure in the council to contribute to the massive savings the council has to make.

 Cllr Jones, who represents Gwersyllt West, said: "We have one Chief Executive, three Strategic Directors and nine Chief Officers earning a combined total of £1.38 million a year in 2012/13 which is an increase of 4.5% on the previous year, with the lowest paid getting over £93,000 and the Chief Executive on a whopping £135,000. It begs the question if we have nine Chief Officers responsible for their departments then why do we need three Strategic Directors?"

 Cllr Jones went on to point out that, over the last two years, a total of a 151 staff had left the authority with an 'exit package'. More than a third of all staff that left with packages were made compulsory redundant with nearly all of them receiving an exit package of less than £20,000, indicating that they were low-paid staff in the main.

 There were no compulsory redundancies for staff entitled to exit packages over £40,000.

  Cllr Jones added: "What these figures show is that we are quick enough to dispose with our lower-paid frontline staff but the managers remain. It will be interesting to see a breakdown of the pay grades of the 368 staff that have volunteered for early voluntary redundancy or retirement and whether the council will let senior staff go." 

 Plaid Cymru's Prospective Parliamentary for Wrecsam, Carrie Harper: "The Labour administration in Wrecsam is going for the quick hits of salami slicing frontline services, outsourcing and increasing charges that alienate the public and hit the local economy.

 "There are senior officers in the council who spend a fortune on consultants to do their work for them; that needs to stop. We need to flatten the management pyramid in Wrecsam, it is far too top heavy." 

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