Saturday, 5 October 2013

Shameless Labour Minister's Spin.

Dear Editor,

In their respective columns in last Friday's Leader, two Welsh Government Ministers, Carl Sargeant and Lesley Griffiths make identical points and that is to congratulate their ministerial colleague Edwina Hart on her £44 million investment in redoubling and improving the rail link between Wrecsam and Chester.

What they forgot to mention is that this was an embarrassing U-turn by Mrs Hart of a decision she made less than 3 months ago, to divert this money from the North East of Wales to her pet rail projects in South Wales.

The £44 million had initially been earmarked for the Wrecsam/Chester line by Plaid Cymru's Ieuan Wyn Jones when he was Deputy First Minister of the One Wales Government.(2007/11)

Opposition politicians in the Assembly are to be congratulated for forcing Mrs Hart into her U-turn. 


Councillor Arfon Jones

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