Thursday, 3 October 2013

Think outside the box when re-shaping services, council urged

A report on Re-shaping services will be considered by the Executive Board next Tuesday. It's focus is relentlessly on cutting frontline services to save £50m over the next four years.

In response, Plaid Cymru's Gwersyllt West Councillor, Arfon Jones said: 

"This report brings clarity to what we as a Local Authority are facing in the future and its good that the report is in the public domain. Whilst I accept there is going to be less money in the spending pot, this report seems to think that the only way to reduce spending is to drastically cut front-line services. There are other ways of protecting services and one of those ways is by generating additional income by thinking outside the box. “The fact that many of our Post Offices are at risk of closure or re-locating provides the Council with opportunities. For example why don't the council bid to run Gwersyllt Post Office from the council-run Resource Centre? This would provide Wrecsam Council with much-needed income and ensure that an important community benefit business remains at the village's heart. This would be a win-win situation for the council, the Post Office and the community." 
Councillor Jones went on to say:  
"This need not be restricted to Gwersyllt but could be extended to other parts of the County Borough where threatened Community Centres could be utilised in a similar fashion and which would ensure their long term viability. I really believe the administration should consider this as an option."

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