Thursday, 14 November 2013

'Cut the consultants and mayor, not lollipop ladies and play areas' - community tells Labour council

Caia Park Community Council voted tonight to send a clear message to Wrecsam council - before you touch lollipop ladies, community centres, play areas and library's across Wrexham County Borough you'd better reform the role of Mayor and cut your spending on consultants.

Axeing these frontline services would save about £403,000. Plaid councillor Carrie Harper proposed that the savings from reforming the mayor's post (currently £138,000 a year) and the additional spend year on year on consultants (up £332,000 since Labour took power) was enough to make up the shortfall.

This comes on the back of Gresford Community Council sending a similarly clear message to suspend the mayoral position rather than closing their library.

More and more communities are saying "don't cut frontline services" to a Labour-run council that is opting to cut from the bottom up rather than the top down. No wonder independent councillors propping up this lacklustre regime are talking openly of jumping ship. That would leave Labour reliant on Tory support to stay in power... 

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