Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Disbelief at Labour no show at bedroom tax debate

Dozens of Labour MPs decided to play truant at yesterdays House of Commons vote to scrap the bedroom tax. The crucial vote, arranged by Labour, failed to win a majority by a mere 26 votes. Had the Labour MPs managed to turn up, the vote would have been won. Although it would not have been binding, the vote would have clearly shown the will of Parliament.  

One of the Labour no shows, along with 5 other Welsh MPs, was Wrexham’s very own Mr Ian Lucas, despite almost 1,400 people in Wrexham being affected by the vile Tory coalition policy.

Last night’s events raise big questions about Labour’s sincerity over the bedroom tax. The party’s blundering over the issue since it came into effect has been well publicised, leading to claims that the party has been mired in confusion.

It eventually announced a commitment to end the tax if it wins the next election back in September of this year. The party’s website leads with the following quote from its leader Ed Milliband:

 ‘If we win the next election, I will scrap the Bedroom Tax. No ifs or buts

It would seem that what the party desperately needs more than anything is butts on seats, if it expects anyone to take them seriously. It is unforgivable that a key opportunity to scrap this tax has come to nothing thanks to Labour’s lack of genuine commitment.

Plaid Cymru’s MP’s attended last nights debate and voted to scrap the bedroom tax.

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Anonymous said...

Many local councils controlled by the One Nation New Labour Tory Party are failing to stop evictions of people caught up in the Bedroom Tax Nightmare.If Moribund and his rotten crew get back into government, Balls and others have clearly said they will carry on the Tory austetity policies. We need a Wales free of all these Tory unionist parties.