Friday, 13 December 2013

Community facilities saved

Caia Park Community Council has stepped in to save vital community services under threat by county council cuts.
 Plans by the Labour-led Wrecsam council to cut key services such as school crossing patrols, play areas and Pentre Gwyn Community Centre meant that Caia Park CC had to take action.
 Tonight's community council meeting voted overwhelmingly to maintain these services without increasing the precept - the amount of money charged on people's council tax bills will remain the same.
 It's estimated that the £30,000 of extra funding for these services will be found by cutting back on community grants and the environmental budget.
 Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Marc Jones - who chairs the meeting - said:
"The community council, after extensive consultation with local people, agreed it would protect much-needed community services such as play areas, lollipop ladies and Pentre Gwyn Community Centre.
 "If we had not stepped in, the county council would have closed these facilities and left the community without important services. I'm particularly pleased that councillors backed the decision to keep Pentre Gwyn community centre open as it's the only facility the Whitegate area has - the challenge now is to make sure it works with a new management committee."

 The community council decided not to maintain Kingsley Circle community centre due to the estimated £60,000 repairs needed as well as the £15,000 annual deficit.

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