Saturday, 4 January 2014

Make a splash: Save Plas Madoc and Waterworld

The campaign against the council's plans to close Plas Madoc and Waterworld is gaining momentum. 
Today the community campaign will meet to organise banners and placards as well as discuss the next stages before the council finally votes on the issue on January 14th.

Not everything the council provides can be expected to make money. Libraries, community centres, sports facilities, swimming pools and the like all cost money, but it's a tiny proportion of the £200m+ annual budget the council has to run services in the borough.

In the consultant's report there is talk of replacing the two centres with just one smaller 25-metre pool with reduced leisure facilities. This would cost an extra £12m and the overall annual savings for the council would be just £98,000 a year. The consultant's report recommending this move cost £51,760.

 Closing these facilities at a time of growing concern about children's health is short sighted. Plaid Cymru in Wrecsam has stated before that there is council spending that can be cut without impacting on people's health and well-being - the mayor, consultants, additional pay rises for senior councillors and a swathe of senior management. All untouched by these cuts. 

 The executive board on January 14th has a clear option to reject the consultant's recommendation to close. The people of Wrexham, who will be paying extra Council Tax next year, want to keep these services. Will the exec board back the people or the consultants?

 You can play your part - see the list of actions to take here.

 Most importantly join the protests against the closures:

Saturday, 11 January - mid-day - at Plas Madoc
Sunday, 12 January - mid-day - at Waterworld
Tuesday, 14 January - 1.15pm - outside the Guildhall

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