Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Plas Madoc: Lies, damned lies and consultants' reports

The opposition group on Wrecsam Council has made a damning exposé of the Labour-run coalition's plan to close Plas Madoc Leisure Centre.

 The Wrexham Independent Group, which includes Plaid Cymru's councillors, today visited Plas Madoc to see for themselves the condition and overview of facilities.

Councillor David A Bithell, Leader of Wrexham Independent Group, said:

"Our Group are really concerned on these proposals to close Plas Madoc which will leave 225,000 users each year without proper leisure and play facilities in the south of the county. Not only is there a need for Plas Madoc, there is a social need.

"Our group was astounded to learn that the consultant’s report does not reflect actual usage or the overall condition of the building, which needs 85k to bring up to standard. All this work has been put on hold by Wrexham council pending a decision.

"The report states there are no disabled lifts and need 100k spending on them. To our amazement there are disabled lifts which were installed some years back.

"Our group believe that the consultant’s report is flawed as no structural survey of the building has EVER been carried out, usage figures are inaccurate and estimates of future costs need to be questioned. The consultants visited Plas Madoc and spent 1 and a half hours! Draw your own conclusions if £50k has been well spent.

"There has been significant investment over the last few years both to Waterworld and Plas Madoc and apart from internal on-going maintenance the facility is well used and well maintained and I challenge every councillor to visit Plas Madoc for themselves prior to the workshop on 4th February and any decision being made."
  It's beyond belief that a £51,000 report advocating the closure of Plas Madoc could be based on a 90-minute visit that failed to even notice the presence of disabled lifts and estimated (by a visual survey) a repairs and maintenance bill of £1.5m. By contrast, the estimate for the same in Waterworld was a mere £15,000.

 The hidden agenda of the council's senior officers and ruling councillors is to lay waste to key frontline services and protect their own salaries and positions. 

 They must be held to account for their incompetent handling of the budget cuts. Please attend the mass lobby of the council at 1pm, Tuesday, 4th February

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