Sunday, 19 January 2014

Recovery? Tell that to 1,000 workers in Wrecsam put on the dole

• Kelloggs - 140 jobs lost making breakfast cereals
• First Milk - 230 jobs lost packing cheese
• Sharp - 650 jobs lost making solar panels

News that yet another multinational company is cutting jobs in the Wrecsam area reveals the truth behind the so-called economic recovery. Wrecsam has lost more than 1,000 manufacturing jobs in the past six months from these three companies alone with many hundreds losing work in the public sector as council cuts kick in due to the UK Government's austerity plan.

The UK's economic recovery, such as it is, is being reported from London by journalists and commentators who are seeing house prices soar once again. London and the surrounding "Home Counties" is increasingly operating as a semi-independent city state dependent on Finance Capital and state-subsidised public services (think transport). Its needs and priorities are totally at odds with the needs of Wales, Scotland and the North of England.

Until people realise that the main London-based parties are operating for the benefit of the City, the bankers and the billionaires, we're destined to repeat and intensify the experiences of the past 30 years.

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Paul Williams said...

Yes, I had my final day at Sharp yesterday after 29 years with the company. Still waiting for the recovery to materialise around here - not holding my breath...