Thursday, 27 February 2014

Wrexham Council - A 'Closed Shop'

This is a letter I sent to the Daily Post following last night's Wrexham CBC Full Council meeting:

Dear Editor,

When opposition Councillors presented their alternative budget at Wrexham Council's meeting last night they were subject to criticism from the Council Leader for not engaging with the budget setting process over the previous 12 months. That was manifestly untrue as we have consistently made suggestions on how to make savings with Consultants and the Mayor being just two suggestions. The truth of the matter is that Wrexham Council is a 'closed shop' with views of backbench Councillors being regularly ignored and all decisions being made by a handful of well paid Councillors heavily influenced by officers.

Many Councillors tried to make the point that Wrexham Council were lacking openness and transparency in their decision making but were berated and attacked by members of the Labour/Tory coalition.

Personally I am glad so many members of the public were present to witness how the current administration operate, I am sure they will agree that it did not show Wrexham Council in a good light.

Councillor Arfon Jones. 

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Avril Smith said...

Hear, Hear! I've seen this first hand how the officers can turn a decision around. Makes you wonder why the
hold a vote in the first place as it goes
the way they steer it to go. Their way or no way!