Monday, 17 March 2014

Fracking protest camp set up

A protest camp has been just been set up at Kingsmarsh, Farndon (near Wrexham but just in England) where exploratory drilling for coal bed methane is happening right now.
What's wrong with coal bed methane? Just about everything. 

The same company, Dart Energy, is currently applying for planning permission for a similar operation in Wrexham.
If allowed to go ahead, we face drilling and fracking operations all over the country, with all the associated problems these will bring. In the words of one placard yesterday, "Once you frack, you can never go back."

Here's more information about resistance to fracking and other extreme energy extraction methods in Britain:

The camp address:
Kingsmarsh, Farndon, Chester, CH3 6NF.
The drilling rig can clearly be seen from the A534 Wrexham to Broxton road.
The lane is marked by a Kingsmarsh B&B sign at the end and the camp is near the site gate, a few hundred yards up the lane.

The Kingsmarsh camp is calling for urgent donations of:
camping equipment, bedding, cooking equipment, firewood, pallets, tarps, hammer, nails, hand saw, screwdriver, screws, vegetarian meals, food supplies, tea, coffee, tobacco... or just call down there and see what they need.

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