Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Tories and Europe.

I really struggle to follow British Conservatives's rationale for leaving Europe or even wanting an in out referendum on the one hand; and refusing to cut the European budget on the other. 

George Monbiot sums up the contradiction in their stance nicely in his weekly Guardian column:
In July 2013 the British government imposed a £26,000 cap on the total benefits a household can receive. In the same month it was pursuing a different policy in urgent discussions in Brussels: fighting tooth and nail to prevent the imposition of a proposed cap precisely 10 times that size (€300,000, or £260,000). The European commission wanted this to be as much money as a single farmer could receive in subsidies. The British government was having none of it.It won, with the result that this measure is now discretionary – member states can decide whether or not to cap farmers' benefits. Unsurprisingly, the British government has decided not to. The biggest 174 landowners in England take £120m between them. A €300,000 cap would have saved about £70m.

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Jac o'Rhos said...

The tragedy - and injustice of this is...the farmers who don't really need it...not genuine farmers...but the 'big business ' farming, are the ones who receive it. The ones who really NEED it...get crumbs off the table...its what the Tories always do...they look after their own!