Sunday, 30 March 2014

War on Wales!

The following is a letter to the Daily Post in response to an article quoting Carwyn Jones accusing Westminster politicians of a 'War on Wales' following Cameron and other's recent attacks on the performance of the Welsh Government:

Dear Editor,

Your article "War on Wales" (Post, March 28th) is another perfect example of Welsh Labour spin and hypocrisy. They have spent the last four years blaming all and sundry for the austerity measures, forgetting of course a certain Gordon Brown who got us in this mess in the first place.

Now that Westminster politicians are fighting back, Welsh Labour who have just woken up from their complacent comatose state cry foul and go on the attack against all those who decry their woeful management of Welsh public services, and that includes of course one of their own.

We must remember it is not just the government in Westminster who are critical of the Welsh Government's performance but also the respected Labour backbench MP, Ann Clwyd who has personal experience of failings in the Welsh NHS and who has been 'gagged' by her own colleagues in the Assembly from giving evidence to the Health Committee.

The Welsh Government should seek to put their own house in order before they seek to stifle debate.
Arfon Jones,

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