Thursday, 22 May 2014

Pressure is on Wrexham Council over the cost of the Mayor.

The Mayor making ceremony on Tuesday night has increased the furore locally over the £138,000 cost of the Mayoralty in Wrexham. Plaid Cymru Councillors have been in the forefront of a campaign to abolish the Mayor in its entirety and to replace him/her with a Chair of Council so as to bring Wrexham in line with the other five North Wales Authorities and to save money. This campaign is gaining momentum and there is widespread criticism on Social Media at Labour's defensive attempts at justification of the cost or as the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Barbara Roxburgh said,
I am a traditionalist and I think it is one of the traditions that keeps the county borough together. I have lived in Wrexham all my life, I was born here and schooled here and I respect greatly the role of the Mayor. I feel honoured to be named Deputy Mayor. I take umbrage at people saying it costs this and that. It is damn good value and it doesn't really cost that much in the scheme of things. People don't see the time it takes and the effort that goes into it. 
The Leader of the Council, Neil Rogers in his justification can only repeat himself for the umpteenth time:
I have also challenged members several times over the last 12 months to submit a motion to council to debate the questions they have raised about the mayoralty but to date they have refused to do so. 
In fact that end bit in bold is quite misleading and I wrote the following letter to the Leader to correct it:
Dear Editor, 
I would be grateful if you would allow me to correct a comment in your article 'Mayoral role defended...etc' Leader, May 19th. For the umpteenth time Council Leader Neil Rogers says he's challenged members to bring a motion relating to the Mayor and said that members have refused to do so. Neil Rogers knows that is misleading; The Opposition Groups on Wrexham Council moved a motion to amend the budget and included in that amendment motion was a proposal to reduce the Mayoral budget by £50,000. The Labour/Tory coalition that purports to run Wrexham Council rejected that proposal. 
What we need is a 'grass roots referendum' to show the coalition how out of touch they are with public opinion in Wrexham 
Arfon Jones. 
Unsurprisingly the Leader have not published the letter as it seems they may going through sort of self imposed Purdah.

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Paul Williams said...

The whole thing is absolutely scandalous. My daughter had to get a taxi home from Penley last night costing £15 because she didn't know the last bus had been cancelled. Still, at least she can go and look and someone walking around in a lot of silly chains to cheer herself up. Essential services are being cut because of lack of funds yet the money is still there to keep an outdated institution like the Mayoralty going!