Friday, 30 May 2014

Wrecsam prison to be built by multinational Tory donor

The Australian multinational firm selected by the Tory-Lib Dem coalition to build the new prison in Wrecsam is a donor to Tory party events.

 The company, Lend Lease, also has a chequered past. It admitted to overbilling public bodies in the USA on a huge scheme in New York and was forced to pay $56m in fines.

 Lend Lease was awarded the £151m contract to build the UK's largest prison in Wrecsam by the Ministry of Justice. The company plans to spend just £30m of that on local firms and it now appears that "local" is a 50-mile radius that includes Liverpool and Manchester.

 Plaid Cymru's justice spokesperson Elfyn Llwyd MP said:
"I have, from the very beginning, opposed the titan prison at Wrexham on two main grounds."Firstly, it will do nothing to rehabilitate prisoners and therefore will end up as merely a revolving door."In addition, it will mean that it is almost three times the size required for servicing Welsh needs from north and mid Wales."Obviously other prisoners will be brought in and those in turn will be distanced further from their families."I have also argued against on economic grounds. I would take the figure of a thousand jobs with a large pinch of salt and I cannot understand why it is not possible to keep building jobs virtually all local when so many people are looking for work." 

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