Friday, 18 July 2014

£1bn splurged on Newport bypass: 'Time we had a government for the whole of Wales'

Letter to the Daily Post:

Dear Editor
News that the Labour Government in Cardiff has decided to splurge its entire capital spend on transport - £1 billion - on a 17-kilometre bypass for Newport is bad news for public transport and bad news for other much-needed road and rail projects in North Wales.
It's no surprise that the transport minister sneaked out the announcement in the final hour of the current session of Parliament without any chance for scrutiny or debate. 
There was a far cheaper and less environmentally damaging alternative "blue route" to the M4 bypass being proposed. This would also have been up and running more quickly than the "black route" Labour has opted for, in the teeth of opposition from Plaid Cymru and some of its own backbenchers.
 For us here in the North, this means no upgrade for the A55, no electrification of the North Wales coastal rail line and no proper dualling of the Wrexham-Saltney line.  As a result of this reckless decision, important alternatives have been put on hold.
It would appear the Cardiff Labour Government is only bothered about Cardiff transport problems. It's time we had a government of Wales for the whole of Wales - only Plaid Cymru can deliver that. 


Marc Jones

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