Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Alun Davies - a symptom of a problem

The video shows a youthful Plaid Cymru activist named Alun Davies outlining his contempt for Labour's "gangsters" who misrule his country.

How ironic that the self-same Alun Davies should today be sacked from his post as a Labour minister for his blatant disregard of the rules that should bind any government minister. Behaviour that some gangsters would no doubt be proud of.

 His journey from Plaid radical to Labour establishment man should be no surprise to those of us who understand the nature of political power in Wales. If you want to "get on", join Labour.

 Davies took a particular route to join Labour that involved promoting nuclear power and tobacco as a lobbyist. But his path is similar to many careerists who see that Labour is the way to advance their prospects regardless of their political principles.

 Little wonder that Carwyn Jones was so fed up in First Minister's Questions today - he knows he has no talent on the backbenches to replace Davies and so has had to share out his post with existing ministers.

 Davies isn't the problem, he's a symptom of a far wider problem - the one-party state that Labour has created by stuffing the public and voluntary sectors with their own people. The rise of the mediocrity is almost complete.


Anonymous said...

He is just one of many in that party !

Anonymous said...

I liked Alun when he was in Plaid. He's spot in this early video. Pity he left Plaid.

He's wrong on the issue of the race track but with Plaid full of nicey nicey sons and the manse, I quite liked the street fighter which Alun was in his early days.

Anonymous said...

excellent article,

I'm surprised that no one has yet mentioned during this episode that Labour's biggest strength internal party discipline is also it's biggest weakness, putting loyal Yes men and women in safe seats is good during campaigning, but it doesn't make for good backbenches who challenge their own Minister's or offer the First Minister a decent choice in appointing Cabinet Minister's.

Anonymous said...

so he's ben eating a lot of pasties since then

Anonymous said...

He is actually really good in that video and looks like he believes what he is saying.

The problem with "street fighters" is that they have side effects and cannot channel their comabtive nature constructively all of the time.