Thursday, 3 July 2014

Frack-free Wrecsam

About two-thirds of the Welsh population will potentially be affected directly by fracking if the main London parties get their way. The pink area on the map contains approximately two million people. The yellow parts are those already licensed for exporation by fracking companies. If we don't stop them, these multinational corporations will get political support to start drilling under your homes without even asking your permission.
 This includes large parts of Wrecsam and Flintshire.

 To increase awareness of the situation, a ground-breaking film about the impact of fracking on a US community - Gasland - is being shown at Saith Seren, 18 Chester St, Wrecsam, LL13 8BG at 7pm on Thursday, 24 July. Admission is free but donations towards campaigning for a Frack-Free Wrecsam will be taken.

Anti-fracking campaigners will be on the streets across Wales this Saturday to raise awareness about this problem that could affect every householder in Wrecsam.

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Anonymous said...

Please make every effort to attend. This film will surprise and shock you