Thursday, 17 July 2014

Welcome to St Colin International Eisteddfod

One stupid letter deserves another I suppose.

The first stupid letter in the Leader was one calling for all placenames in Wales to be Welsh only. Now most placenames in Wales are Welsh and should be first on any signplace but others, like Prestatyn, are English in origin. There are numerous other examples that are in common parlance among Welsh speakers and non-Welsh speakers alike. In short, trying to impose a blanket ban would backfire.

Cue the stupid response:

The letter writer complains that having Welsh placenames only would mean foreign visitors would be unable to find places like, er, Llangollen.

Yes, that backwater that thousands of tourists fail to find because of its monoglot name. It's a disgrace! We need to begin an immediate campaign to rename Llangollen to make it easier for non-Welsh speakers to find the damned place. Llangollen means St Collen apparently. No, still too Welsh. How about St Colin?

PS I do quite like the idea of handing out Welsh dictionaries to visitors upon arrival.

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