Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A minor statesman with no stature!

Is it just me or are the utterances of our First Minister Carwyn Jones becoming more embarrassing and cringe-worthy by the day?

His latest attempt at statesmanship led to laughter and gasps of disbelief when we read his article in the Scottish tabloid, the Daily Record a couple of days ago. There are some parts of this article which are worth quoting from just to show his ignorance of the limitations of the powers of his office
I would strongly oppose the idea of a currency union with an independent Scotland because I believe it would be bad for Wales and the rest of the United Kingdom... 
I would firmly say no to such an agreement and bear in mind that as the First Minister of a nation in the UK, I would want to have more say on the matter than the First Minister of an independent Scotland.
This is the letter I sent the Daily Record today to clarify the First Minister's powers or in this case the lack of such powers:

Dear Editor, 
In the Record, August 24th, you published an article by Wales's First Minister, Carwyn Jones, which states his opposition to allowing Scotland the use of the pound in the event of a Yes vote on the 18th September. 
We in Wales were surprised that our First Minister was not aware of the contents of the Government of Wales Act, which gives him the little powers that he has. This does not include fiscal powers needed to block Scotland using the pound. 
 Carwyn Jones's article is an attempt to give him the stature as a statesman which he does not have, even in Wales. 
The contents of his article are both mischievous and misleading in their intent, and should be ignored as they add no value to the debate. 

Councillor Arfon Jones, 


Paul Williams said...

Carwyn is doing the impossible - becoming more of an embarrassment to Wales than his predecessor Rhodri Morgan was

Anonymous said...

Carwyn has no veto. He's living in cloud cookoo land.

Wales has no veto because Carwyn Jones and Labour didn't want Wales to have financial powers nor reconstitute the Bank of England to include a Welsh (and Scottish and NI rep).

So, Wales is weak and irrelevant because Carwyn Jones's policies (or lack of).


Anonymous said...

"the little powers that he has"

should read "the few powers that he has"
Otherwise good point.

Pol said...

..and yet in the Country of which he is the First Minister,NATO members take over the Capital city.....whilst ignoring him and Wales......

Petroc ap Seisyllt said...

Ci bach Carwyn. The NATO conference in Wales is a clear snub to Scotland - (which hosts the NATO nuclear weapons) and a reward for the lapdog approach of the Welsh Labour government (which remains effectively an all Wales county council). Petroc (Gwersyllt)