Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Prison Saga!

Letter sent to the Daily Post and Leader today:

Dear Editor,

Concerns have been expressed recently as to whether health services in North East Wales are sufficiently robust to cope with the new prison population of 2200 inmates in Wrecsam and we have had no reassurances that sufficient resources will be put into this area.

Likewise, with Policing, it was shocking to hear the North Wales Police & Crime Commissioner, Winston Roddick, publicly admit that he didn't have a clue what the additional policing implications of this prison would be and obviously he has not identified additional resources for the purpose.

These two examples begs the question of exactly what the Ministry of Justice led strategic planning group for this prison are actually doing in terms of ensuring a robust infrastructure to cope with the extra demands of the prison population, many of whom will be vulnerable individuals.


Councillor Arfon Jones.

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