Saturday, 9 August 2014

Wrecsam protesters occupy Barclays in solidarity with Gaza

For the third weekend running, Wales for Gaza campaigners organised a protest in Wrecsam this Saturday. This coincided with a huge demo in London and so organisers decided to try something a bit different today by staging an occupation of Barclays, one of a number of UK businesses that trade with Israel. 
 About 30 protesters made their way peacefully into the bank and sat down. More campaigners stayed outside to let people know what was happening.
 A statement by campaigners, they said: 
"We targetted Barclays because it invests in the arms trade and specifically in El-Bit, an Israeli defence company that provides drones and military systems that have been used to bomb Gaza."
 Contrary to some reports, protesters did not close down the bank. It was staff who closed the doors - when they started letting people in again, many came in specifically to donate to Medical Aid for Palestine! 

 The police arrived after half an hour and protesters refused to leave. The police accepted the situation and campaigners then took a collective decision to leave as peacefully as they had arrived, having made their point and ensured that Wrecsam was playing its part in the campaign for Gaza.

• So far more than £450 has been raised for Gaza in Wrecsam.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good protest action - well done. The more publicity for the cause of Palestine, the better - the tide is turning in our favour, and Israel knows it.

The Red Flag said...

Three posts from the Thoughts of Oscar Blog. Guto Bebb MP (Con, Aberconwy) is threatening legal action to get the blog shut down.