Sunday, 7 September 2014

An inauspicious start for Tory candidate.

Andrew Atkinson is the Tory candidate for Wrexham  in the  2015 General Election. He is a local Wrexham lad who has been living in Herefordshire for some time. His first attempt at raising his profile and getting name recognition has not impressed the Wrexham business community:

The following letter was sent to the Leader in response to this article:

Dear Editor,

Having read Andrew Atkinson's comments in your article (Leader, Sept 4th), I must say I am none the wiser as to what he means as to 'standards' in the town? Is he referring to anti social behaviour or is he referring to empty shops? In continuing this letter, can I presume he is referring to empty shops?

Empty shops is in fact a symptom of economic downturn something we have been suffering since 2008, and not improved by Mr Atkinson's Tory government austerity measures which have seen wages fall in real terms which means less disposable income.

In the article Mr Atkinson calls for action from the council! Is he not aware of £10.6 million town centre regeneration money from Welsh Government earlier this year? Is he not aware of the £1.5 million coming into the county annually from Communities First?

What is most surprising is the fact that Mr Atkinson doesn't know that his own Conservative Councillors are prominent in the administration that run Wrexham Council. In fact Councillor Rodney Skelland is the Chair of the Employment, Business and Investment Scrutiny Committee which leads on regeneration.

Without doubt this is an inauspicious start to Mr Atkinson's General Election campaign.

Councillor Arfon Jones.


Plaid Whitegate said...

Little surprise he knows nothing about the area as he's a Herefordshire County councillor. Despite claims to being a former councillor, he is still listed as a sitting cllr for the area. A very inauspicious start indeed.

Andrew Atkinson said...

This is quite inaccurate Arfon, but I'm happy to discuss it with you in person.
I have never claimed I am not a Herefordshire Councillor, I have no control over what the paper chooses to print.
I am still a councillor, who is from Wrexham, left only five years ago and am currently moving home.
Please don't make assumptions about me if you don't know me.
I am happy to work with anyone for the good of Wrexham and would like to work with you Arfon and your colleagues.
Political point scoring won't get us anywhere so hopefully that can be put aside and we can meet up and see how we can improve Wrexham together.
All the best,

Plaid Whitegate said...

Why would the paper claim you were a former councillor unless they had been told that?

Andrew Atkinson said...

An error perhaps? Why not call them and ask them.
I am an honest person and make no secret of what I do to anyone.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

LinkedIn Profile

My business is AA Cleaning Services, a cleaning business covering Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and North Wales.
I am a Town and County Councillor and work hard to make my community a better place to live, work and visit.
I am passionate about good communications and I am a self confessed social media addict.

Andrew Atkinson said...

Just checked the text of what I wrote.
I listed specifics that were not printed, but when highlighting my experiences of success in this area whilst away from Wrexham I said I have been a Herefordshire Councillor.
Saying have and not is has probably caused confusion, although that being said the Leader know about my background and what I do from our chats.
Hope that clears that up.
Anyway my offer still stands, if you or Arfon or any others want to meet up to discuss my plans and see evidence of my track record in this area please let me know,
All the best,

gomplusdog said...

Precisely what have these whingers done to help the Town Centre. Are they afraid of fresh new ideas?