Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Statement by Plaid Cymru on split in Wrexham Labour Party

“This is not unexpected given the rumours that have been flying about recently. 
 "But the last thing people in Wrexham need at the moment is a Labour-run council tearing itself apart because of personal rivalries and infighting. The two rival groups are equally quilty of closing key services such as Plas Madoc, libraries and bus routes while doing nothing about the mayor and top salaries.
 “We need an effective council that concentrates on delivering the best for our borough.It's clear that the Labour Party is not capable of doing this. Plaid Cymru will continue to insist on looking again at the closure of Plas Madoc and scrapping the mayor’s allowance. Strong leadership is now essential if we are to protect our borough from the worst of the UK Government's austerity measures.”

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