Sunday, 12 October 2014

Clwyd South and Karen Sinclair.

The following letter appeared in Wrexham's Leader on the 9th October 2014, having a go at Mabon Ap Gwynfor for working hard for the people of Clwyd South constituency:

The following is a letter I wrote in reply:

Dear Editor,

Whilst I'm quite used to 'shameless partisan politicking' by the Labour Party, Karen Sinclair (Leader Letters, Oct 9th)takes their hypocrisy to a whole new level. Lets take the recent goings on in Labour locally; ten Labour members leave the party stating 'negative influences' by unelected party members making their continued presence untenable.

Perhaps Karen Sinclair should spend more time shedding the 'negative influences' out her own dysfunctional Clwyd South Constituency Labour Party so that local politicians may seek to emulate Mabon ap Gwynfor's committment to put the people of Clwyd South before party politics.

Oh, and as a matter of interest Ken Skates AM was employed by Mark Tami MP before being elected the AM for Clwyd South.

'People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones', Karen!

Councillor Arfon Jones.
Plaid Cymru 
Etholaeth Wrecsam Constituency.


Anonymous said...

Petty and spiteful letter by Sinclair. Don't expect anything else.

Ed Miliband was a bag carrier for Harriet Harman and then Gordon Brown where together with Balls they screwes up the economy.

Ed Balls worked as an advisor to Gordon Broon before being elected.

Wee Dougie Alexander worked as a speech writer to Gordon Broon before becoming a solicitor for 6 months before winning a byelection.

Yvette Cooper started off working as a researcher for John Smith, before joinning Clinton in Arkansas, and coming back to join Harman. She the went into journalism briefly before being elected.

Andy Burnham started his career with Tessa Jowell, went of to do Union work in Westmister, before being appointed as bag carrier for SoS Chris Smith MP before he himself the got elected.

These are only a few of their front loine politicians. Look into their back benches and there are far more.

Anonymous said...

Amazed Karen shot herself in the foot ...big time....never thought she, of all people would have laid herself so wide open to criticism...

Anonymous said...

Crystalises totally what is wrong with politics. Politicians with experience of nothing other than politics!!