Saturday, 4 October 2014

Community response to illiterate racists

There's only one thing worse than a racist and that's an illiterate racist. Unfortunately, Hightown's resident illiterate racist chose to display his ignorance by spraying it all over the wall of the local underpass.

The boldly named Hightown Riot Squad Youth sprayed the graffiti under the Whitegate Road bridge late last week. This morning the community responded with a self-organised clean-up.

Plaid Cymru's Whitegate councillor Marc Jones, who chairs Caia Park Community Council, said he was delighted with the numbers who had turned out at very short notice:
"I'm very grateful to all those who turned out, in particular young people who were as disgusted with the racist and offensive graffiti as we were.
"The irony is that, while the graffiti artist was vandalising his own community, there are Polish people who are organising a youth football team in the field next to the bridge and making a real contribution to the area. They are a credit to Whitegate.
 "This was an immediate and temporary response. Our next step will be to create something more positive and permanent on the walls that can bring everyone together."

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Adda ap Henri said...

Well done guys. We have a long and proud history of welcome and acceptance of others in Wales...nice to see it lives on! Da iawn.