Saturday, 4 October 2014

Council uses Manchester auction house to sell local youth clubs

There are small signs that the local economy may be turning a corner and emerging from the recession. Small signs that need encouraging.

What won't encourage local businesses is seeing Wrecsam Council failing to use local companies to carry out its work.

The derelict Pentre Broughton and Gresford youth clubs are being put up for sale at an auction... in Manchester.

There are local auctioneers who could carry out this kind of work.
There's this thing called the internet that apparently lets people know what's for sale without actually being in one place.
Putting the auction in Manchester is going to make it less likely that someone local purchases the sites to redevelop them.

Just one third of Wrecsam Council's tenders are given to companies in the county or in neighbouring Welsh counties. Two thirds to to England.

A huge £75m a year (on 2011 figures) is being spent outside the county borough on services that could be tendered locally.

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Anonymous said...

auctioning in manchester doesn't prevent a local person from buying, that's daft. Marketing the property to the widest audience ensures you get the best price, which means that the rate-payers of wrexham aren't short-changed.