Sunday, 19 October 2014

Plaid Wrecsam visits Borras anti-fracking camp

There has been huge community support for the new Borras and Holt Community Protection Camp set up in the field where the test borehole for Coal Bed Methane and Shale Gas is planned.
 Among the visitors on Saturday were a group from Plaid Wrecsam who were there to show solidarity and bring food to the first wave of camp protesters. 
 It's very welcoming and open for visitors - and now has some toilet facilities! This is going to be a long haul - please support.

Fracking - it's our future that's in danger
Joanna Parry is 13, her school assignment was to produce a piece of persuasive writing - hence the repetition, alliteration and rhetorical questions. A 13-year-old schoolgirl understands fracking and its consequences better than a planning inspector or London politicians.
"Good morning my fellow class mates, how would you feel if you turned on the news and were told that the last surviving polar bear in the world had just died? How would it make you feel knowing that it was our fault? It’s simple, our grandparents’ generation and our parents’ generation damaged the environment and we are the ones who will have to sort it out. It’s our future that’s in danger.
Where are the proposals to cut down on fossil fuels and increase our use of renewable energy? They have been over shadowed by the recent plans to introduce fracking into the U.K. Fracking is the process of drilling into the earth and pumping a mixture of high pressure chemicals and water into loose stones to release gas. There are proposed fracking sites very close to where we are sitting right now. This is not just the polar bears problem, it’s our problem. Fracking is dirty, dangerous and destructive. These dirty chemicals that it releases into our water supplies may cause cancer or other diseases. The dangerous fracking process has already caused two earth quakes in Blackpool and Cardiff could be next. Fracking produces a fossil fuel which is hugely destructive to the environment because of the large quantities of carbon it releases in the atmosphere. Carbon causes climate change. Climate change will destroy the world as we know it. It’s our future that’s in danger.
The Committee on Climate Change have announced that in the past 100 years the global average temperature has risen so much that sea levels are rising. Polar bears will be gone by 2050. That’s your 50th birthday. It is not just animals that will pay the price. Rising sea levels could cause a threat to lives, property, the livelihood of people living in coastal regions and low lying islands. People will be at increased risk of malnutrition. They will be more likely to get ill from intestinal diseases, heart and lung problems and infections. It’s our future that’s in danger.
You are not the first generation to be confronted with this dilemma. During the industrial revolution south Wales was one of the main providers of coal. The south Wales valleys were blighted and scarred by coal mining. However it was not the local population that benefited from the money it produced. A few very rich landowners became even richer whilst the working class and the residents of the valleys sacrificed their health and, in many cases, their lives. Once again it is our future that’s in danger.
 What have the giant fracking companies offered us this time? Just 1% of the profits for coming onto our land, taking our natural resources and putting our health at risk. This is outrageous! We have to stop the dirt. We have to stop the danger. We have to stop the destruction.
 We live in an age of highly advanced technology where pretty much anything is possible. Research into renewable energy such as solar power, wind power and wave power is already well advanced. If the government invested into further research into this technology instead of supporting fracking then our energy problems and our environmental problems would be solved.
It’s our future that’s in danger. Join me and fight fracking today!"

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