Saturday, 8 November 2014

Milk not Methane... Part 2.

This is a great article in the Daily Post Wales today, very balanced reporting except that the pro Fracking comments are totally misleading:
Supporters of underground drilling for gas in the UK claim it will be far more rigorously regulated than in other countries.
I couldn't let this go without comment, so the following is a letter which I wrote to the Daily Post in response :

Dear Editor, 
Supporters of 'Fracking' claim that the process is more rigorously regulated (here) than in other countries "Protestors Against Underground Drilling... (Post, Nov 7th). That claim is absolute rubbish and patently untrue. 
Planning law is devolved to the Welsh Government, and the Wales Minerals Policy is apparently the policy for 'fracking'. However it makes no mention of 'unconventional gas' or 'fracking' hence the presumption is that the Welsh Government has NO policy on this dangerous industry. 
 Likewise, Natural Resources Wales monitor compliance of Planning conditions and are supposed to enforce those conditions to protect the environment a search of the NRW website will reveal no results for a search for 'unconventional gas' or 'fracking'. The NRW is just another inept regulatory authority like the Environment Agency who roll over and allow these corporate gas and oil companies to do what they want with no monitoring and destroy the environment and its oldest industry, agriculture. 
The Welsh Government need to wake up and realise that drilling for unconventional gas is the 'elephant in the room' and they need to up their game and get a grip of their responsibilities, something that Ministers have abdicated up to now. 
What we want is Milk not Methane. 
Councillor Arfon Jones.  

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