Wednesday, 14 January 2015

More Clwyd South Labour Spin!

The following is a letter to the Wrexham Leader from a Labour cheerleader who was trying to re-write history as to the truth behind Labour's closure of the Plas Madoc Leisure Centre. Unfortunately for the author, we that tried unsuccessfully to save Plas Madoc did obtain a recorded vote on the decision making.

This was my response to Mr Moore's letter:

Dear Editor,

I would be grateful if you would allow me to correct the misleading letter by Stephen Moore of Chirk "Labour minority backed closure" Leader Letters, January 13th. In his letter Mr Moore claims that the closure of Plas Madoc was down to the minority of Labour Councillors who left the party.

The real facts are that the decision to close Plas Madoc was made at a Full Council meeting held on the 24th February 2014, when the Labour led administration (all 23 of them) introduced a budget which proposed a saving by closing Plas Madoc Leisure Centre. The then opposition proposed an amendment which if passed would have kept Plas Madoc open. That amendment was defeated where 22 of the 23 Labour Councillors voted to close Plas Madoc (1 abstained).

In the main vote to pass the budget (and by implication to close Plas Madoc) 20 Labour members voted Yes whilst 3 abstained.

Seems to me Mr Moore that it was a substantial majority of Labour Councillors who voted to close Plas Madoc. It was only later and in the face of public outrage and falling support did Labour Councillors past and present do a complete U-turn and offered the Splash Magic Trust back just 10% of what they had cut less than 12 months previously.

Councillor Arfon Jones.

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