Thursday, 19 February 2015

Local Authority Service Performance 2013/14.

The Welsh Government has recently produced its Annual Local Authority Service Performance Report for 2013/14. Nineteen service performance areas are measured/assessed and colour coded with red for the bottom quartile of the 22 Welsh Local Authorities, Amber for the middle 50% and Green for the top quartile.

This report makes interesting reading especially if you are comparing the likes of Flintshire and Wrexham who are likely partners in a future amalgamation. The difference frankly could hardly be starker; Wrexham have 8 Performance areas in the red, 8 in amber and only 3 in green. In Flintshire there are only 2 in the red, 11 in amber and 6 in the green.

The only area in Wrexham which seems to excel is within housing with provision of affordable housing being an achievement.

The areas where Wrexham are in the red are:

  1. Looked after children being in education, employment or training. (22)
  2. Looked after children who have had more than 3 placements. (21)
  3. Pupils achieving Level 2 KS 4 (18)... contrast this with Flintshire where they are third.
  4. Free public swims for under 18's and over 60's (17)
  5. Roads in poor condition (21)
  6. Feeling safe in local area after dark (19)
  7. Adults physically active on 5 or more days in a week (18)
  8. Adults drinking above guidelines (17)
Whilst I don't consider league tables based on averages to be particularly meaningful, after all someone must come top and someone must come bottom, and it doesn't show where there has been improvements but where there have been greater improvements in other authorities, there must however be some investigation into the underlying data.

What would be interesting would be a comparison of the underlying data for all 19 areas for both Flintshire and Wrexham which would be a baseline as to how an amalgamated authority could be expected to perform.

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