Thursday, 14 May 2015

Money and Power Grab at Wrexham Council.

At next weeks's Council meeting members of the Wrexham Council's ruling coalition will seek to consolidate their power base by changing the constitution to benefit their administration by going from a 'politically balanced' Executive Board to a Cabinet system where the coalition take up all 10 cabinet positions compared to a 7 - 3 split previously.

Plaid Cymru opposes these changes and have issued the following statement:


New constitution will mean more money for ruling group councillors 

Council leaders have been accused of a “money grab” after it emerged that they will receive pay rises of £63,000 a year under plans to re-organise Wrexham council’s constitution. Plaid Cymru councillors on the council say the Independent-Tory coalition that runs the council is changing the rules to grab more power and money by taking all the seats on the ruling executive board rather than ensuring it’s politically balanced.

Plaid Cymru accusing them of “gerrymandering the constitution” to their own benefit. 

Councillor Arfon Jones, who leads the Plaid Cymru group on Wrexham council, said:

“Wrexham Council claim that they have to do this. But the current politically balanced is perfectly lawful and has worked well for the past decade. What is morally wrong is the way they the council have allocated the chairs of the various committees in a way that favours the ruling group and reduces the opportunity for opposition councillors to scrutinise and challenge decisions. 

"That’s bad enough but this change will also give the 33-strong ruling coalition 15 senior salaries - or one for every two Councillors. The remaining 19 opposition members will get 3 or 4 senior salaries.  This would mean an additional cost of £63,000 per annum, which is unjustified when council employees are doing more with less and councillors are doing less for more, 

“It’s not surprising that politicians in general are seen as greedy and self-serving when they spend so much time concocting a grubby little deal to get themselves more money rather than concentrate on the real issues in hand – delivering good services and protecting jobs. This report should be seen for what it is-  a 'money grab' and a 'power grab'. The losers in all this are Wrexham taxpayers who will see more decisions being agreed behind closed doors and going through on the nod with little or no scrutiny. For that privilege they will have to pay more. Every right and fair minded individual should oppose this.”


Anonymous said...

What can we do to prevent this?

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Start a petition or protest, write or email your Councillor asking them to oppose this. Write a letter or email the Leader or Daily Post etc.