Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Council's reputation continues to nosedive!

Wrexham Council's lack of consideration and empathy towards parents of children who cannot access Welsh Medium Education for their children hits a new low as Judy Churm's letter in today's Leader demonstrates:

What is interesting here is the council's totally inept answer to the lack of openness and transparency:

"The rights of public access to council meetings are enshrined in the Local Government Act 1972, which identifies that meetings of the council i.e the full council, its committees and sub committees are open to the public...There is no automatic right of public access to any other meetings." 
Personally I think this is a perverse way of interpreting the law, just because the Local Government Act 1972, doesn't mention other meetings does it mean there is no right of access...of course not.

All meetings of the council should be public unless there is a specific reason why they should not be; there should always be a presumption towards openness and transparency and not closed meetings.

Wrexham Council's approach to citizen participation is bordering on the pedantic and 'navel gazing' rather than being inclusive and responsive.  

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