Saturday, 27 June 2015

Sickness levels rise by 42% among council staff in just four years

Days lost to sickness at Wrecsam Council have soared by 42% over the past four years - despite a smaller workforce.
 A freedom of information request to the council established that in 2011-2 a total of 44,408 days were lost due to sickness among staff. This rose to 49,252 in 2012-3 and then rocketed to 57,015 in the subsequent year. The figures for 2014-5 are 63,260 lost days.
 That's a rise of 42.5% in three years, at a time when the council has lost at least 400 members of staff. There are currently 3,917 people working for the council, excluding teaching staff.
 Commenting on the rise, Plaid Cymru spokesperson Carrie Harper said:
 "Government imposed cuts are stretching councils to the limit. With fewer and fewer frontline staff to provide services, there's a danger workers will be over-stretched. Any organisation that sees such a dramatic and worrying rise in absentee levels would want to establish whether there is an underlying problem."
 The council refused to say how many of those days were down to stress-related problems.

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