Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Free car parking plan to boost town trade - Plaid Cymru

Free car parking for a trial period to boost trade in Wrexham is among the commitments being made by Plaid Cymru as part of their mini-manifesto for the area.

 The Party of Wales is unveiling this new pilot project as part of a comprehensive package to help build the economy locally.

 Carrie Harper, Plaid Cymru's spokesperson in Wrexham, said:
 "We're determined to help small businesses thrive, particularly in hard-pressed town centres. That's why we've agreed that the next Welsh Government should fund a pilot project in Wrexham to allow free car parking for six months or a year to assess the benefits to local businesses and traders.
 "It's part of a package of support tailored to small and medium-sized businesses, including extending the current rate relief and ensuring a Plaid Cymru government in Cardiff supports enterprise throughout the country. For far too long we've seen a tired and complacent Labour Government concentrating on a small patch of the south east and delivering nothing for areas such as Wrexham and Flintshire.
 "Plaid Cymru locally wants to change that and that's why we've put together an ambitious mini-manifesto for Wrexham that we'll be unveiling over the coming weeks and months.
 "Free car parking has been something the local business community has been calling for to boost the town centre. We've listened to that locally and that's something we want to support. Having a pilot project is a tangible way to see how effective it is in terms of delivering benefits for local traders and would not see the local council lose out financially.
 "If it's successful then it's quite possible it could be rolled out further but let's see how the pilot project goes first. It would be a chance to assess the various pros and cons of such a change but we're determined to explore every avenue to help rejuvenate our town centre."

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