Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Plaid government would protect our NHS

Plaid Cymru will invest additional £590 million in the health service
Waiting lists to fall and more doctors to be recruited under Plaid Cymru proposals
A Plaid Cymru government would ring-fence £590 million to invest in Wales’ NHS, Elin Jones said today. The Plaid Cymru Shadow Health Minister said her party would invest the money to recruit 1,000 extra doctors to the NHS in Wales, integrate health and social services to drive down waiting times, and to protect local hospital services.
The money is to be allocated to areas such as Wrexham as a result of the additional £8 billion real terms investment pledged by the UK government.
North Wales AM Llyr Gruffydd, who also spoke in the debate, said the additional money would safeguard services in the North, where the local health board is currently in special measures and facing a multi-million pound deficit:
“We cannot afford another five years of government mismanagement of our public services by Labour or risk the threat of Tory privatisation. Plaid Cymru will work with health service staff to give the NHS the leadership it deserves here in the North and throughout the country.”
Elin Jones said that the money would be ring-fenced under a Plaid Cymru government to invest in improving health services in every part of Wales. She added:
“Plaid Cymru is focused on delivering high-quality public services and giving the people of Wales the health service that they deserve. The current Labour government has presided over a period of managed decline in the NHS, and Plaid Cymru is committed to reversing this trend.
“If elected to government in May, Plaid Cymru will implement our plans to train and recruit a 1,000 extra doctors, to drive down waiting times by integrating health and social care services, and by protecting local services. A Party of Wales government will ensure that a further £590 million is invested in the NHS, in order to improve services in all parts of Wales.

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